When Is It Time For Brake Repair Service?

September 6th, 2023 by

Premier Ford Service Center

Whether it’s time to have the vehicle’s brakes looked at or replaced, you want to trust the professional team at Spitzer Ford DuBois. Our factory-trained technicians know how to change the brake pads and inspect the brake system to ensure your on-road safety. With regular care, you can avoid costly and dangerous brake problems. Schedule your service appointment today in Pennsylvania.

What’s Included With Ford Brake Service?

The type of brake repair service that your vehicle receives depends on the condition. In some cases, we can simply replace the brake pads as part of your car’s regular maintenance. If you don’t get the pads changed frequently enough, you might need to have the brake rotors replaced as well. With all brake services, we also provide a complimentary brake inspection to see if any further work must be performed.

In some cases, your car or truck might also require brake fluid exchange. By changing the fluid and bleeding the brake lines, all air and contaminants are removed that would otherwise damage the system. In severe situations, you might also need to have the brake calipers, master cylinder or wheel cylinders replaced. Whatever your Ford vehicle requires, our team can handle the job for you.

Signs It’s Time For Brake Service

The car will tell you when it’s time for brake repair service, but you can also follow the recommended service intervals. With all regular maintenance, our team will check the brakes to look for signs of wear. Other than what’s noted during this inspection, you might also notice strange sounds. These sounds could start out as a squealing when you push on the pedal. If these noises are ignored, they can quickly turn into grinding as metal makes contact with metal.

As these vital car parts start to wear, the brake pedal can also get spongy. You might notice that it feels differently when you push the pedal down. In some cases, the steering wheel can also start to shake when you push on the pedal. If the vehicle starts to pulsate or wobble when the brakes are pressed, you don’t want to wait any longer for service. The same is true if the car pulls to one side when you brake. Of course, if the ABS or brake light comes on the dash, this is another sign that there’s a problem.

Schedule Your Service Appointment

Whether your vehicle needs brake repair service or you are looking to have other work done, you can trust the experts at Spitzer Ford DuBois. Our team of professionals is trained directly from the factory, ensuring that we understand every part of your Ford vehicle. With this expertise and the advanced equipment we use in our shop, you can trust all maintenance and repairs will be done correctly the first time. Schedule your brake service today in Pennsylvania.

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