What is Ford SYNC®?

What is Ford Sync?

A vehicle is more than just your way of getting around the Punxsutawney area. When you invest in a brand-new or new-to-you Ford model, you may have access to the Ford SYNC®. So what is Ford SYNC®? Ford SYNC®, available on most models in the lineup, is a suite of connectivity features that will make your time on the roads easy. Find out more about this brand-exclusive feature below! 



Ford SYNC® Features

Now that you have an answer to “What is Ford SYNC®?” you might be wondering what features are included in Ford SYNC®. You can expect a variety of features that will come in handy whether you’re running errands around Brookville or you’re exploring new areas in Clarion. To give you a better idea, here’s what you can expect: 

  • Hands-Free Calling: Using your voice, you can activate hands-free calling with your Ford SYNC® system.
  • Navigation: Forget about asking a random stranger for directions when you can ask your Ford SYNC® system where to go.
  • Remote Access: Using FordPass™ connect, you can start, stop, lock, and unlock your new Ford vehicle thanks to Ford SYNC® technology.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Need to work on the go? With FordPass™ Connect, you and your passengers can take advantage of Wi-Fi connectivity wherever you go.

The best part is even if you buy or already own a Ford of a previous model year, your vehicle will get Ford SYNC® updates, so you can enjoy all the latest the brand has to offer! 

How the Latest Ford SYNC® System Stands Out

If you’re upgrading to a brand-new Ford vehicle, you might be wondering what the newest Ford SYNC® system has to offer. In addition to the highlights we’ve gone over, the latest iteration will also provide the following: 

  • Over-the-Air Ford SYNC® Updates: The latest Ford SYNC® system in new Ford vehicles can be updated wirelessly over the air.
  • Cloud-Based Navigation: With cloud-connected navigation, you’ll have real-time updates to parking availability, construction zones, and even traffic information.
  • Natural Voice Control: The new Ford SYNC® system allows for more conversational voice command recognition. This allows for a more natural tone of speech so you don’t have to give the exact prompts for your voice command system to work.

Enjoy Ford SYNC® on the Roads of Du Bois 

Whether you’re already a proud owner of a Ford car or you’re thinking about investing in one, you can contact our team to learn more about Ford SYNC® updates. We have all of the information about the Ford technology, and we’d love to tell you more! 


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