From the Classic Ford Bronco to Today

Ford Bronco History

You’ve seen Ford Bronco taking the spot on the roads of Punxsutawney and Brookville. Maybe you even own one. But do you know about its rich history and how this Ford SUV has transformed from generation to generation? Discover the generations below with Spitzer Ford DuBois!


The Classic Ford Bronco: First Generation (1965–1977)

The classic Ford Bronco is one of the most memorable vehicles of the last century. During the first generation, this Ford SUV is notable for these facts: 

  • The original classic Ford Bronco was developed as a passenger-friendly off-road vehicle with a completely unique chassis.
  • Today, with its 92-inch wheelbase, it would fall into the compact SUV class. All models were initially sold with four-wheel drive as standard.
  • The original Ford Bronco engine was a 105-hp inline-6, derived from the engine in the Ford Falcon.
  • The classic Ford Bronco wasn’t flashy or dressed up, but it stood out precisely for that reason! Customers were eager for a no-nonsense vehicle that could really stand up to the test of the great outdoors, and this model had genuine utilitarian appeal.

Wasn’t There Another Old Ford Bronco?

There are actually multiple versions of the classic Ford Bronco archetype. Let’s go over them here:

  • Second Generation (1978-1980): Starting in 1978, the old Bronco entered its second generation as a full-size SUV. This generation has several highlights, including the retirement of the original Bronco chassis and a wheelbase extension of 12 inches.
  • Third Generation (1980-1986): This Bronco was smaller and lighter than the second-generation, but otherwise similar as it retained its full-size classification and continued to be based on a chassis adapted from the F-Series.
  • Ford Bronco II (1983-1990): This model was the beginning of a new and unique line. Since it was a compact SUV, it’s more similar to the original Ford Bronco than the third generation. It was developed in concert with the 1983 Ford Ranger and shared one of the latter’s engines. The Bronco II would eventually be replaced by the Ford Explorer.
  • Fourth Generation (1987-1991): The fourth-generation Ford Bronco was built on the same chassis as the third generation, but it received a wide range of interior and exterior updates. It included the Silver Anniversary Edition–the very first early Ford Bronco offered with leather seating.
  • Fifth Generation (1992-1996): Arguably the most recognizable of all the classic Ford Bronco builds, this generation had relatively few changes. There were some interior updates, as well as changes to safety features, and this generation also saw the effective discontinuation of the classic removable hard-top. 
  • Sixth Generation (2021 – Present): The sixth-generation Bronco was revived as a mid-size SUV with classic body-on-frame construction, independent suspension, and a 2.3L turbocharged EcoBoost® inline-four engine. Like the classic Ford Bronco, it features a detachable roof. You can even remove the side doors for a classic open-air touring or trailing experience. 

Experience this Ford SUV at Spitzer Ford DuBois

Head on over to our Du Bois lot to find out how it feels like driving the latest Bronco SUV. Reach out to us today for an appointment, and in the meantime, check out our Spitzer Shield protection that comes complimentary with your purchase or lease near Clarion! 


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